One Another

by Actor|Observer





released November 17, 2017

"Northern Skin” recorded/engineered at Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston, MA by Matt Beaudoin and Matt Carlson

"Well Being” recorded and engineered at Audio Pilot Studio in Boonton, NJ by Kevin Dye

Produced by Kevin Dye

Additional pre-production and vocal recording/engineering by Dylan Sylvester

Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering

Artwork and layout by Dylan Sylvester

All songs written and performed by Actor|Observer

Additional vocals on "Well Being" by Rich Weinberger from Gatherers

Thank you: Kevin Dye, Converse Rubber Tracks, Dylan Sylvester, Anthony Gesa, Ben Weinman, Rich Weinberger, our collective families, friends, and anyone who has ever supported this band


all rights reserved



Actor|Observer Boston, Massachusetts

Actor|Observer is a post-hardcore band from Boston, MA whose style is bursting at the seams with steadfast conviction and emotional intensity, interspersed with a broad melodic and tonal range. Listen to their music or see them live and you’ll understand the urgency and sincerity with which they perform. Their record label debut full length 'Pareidolia' comes out on 8/26/18 on No Sleep Records ... more

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Track Name: Northern Skin
You see me for so much more
Than I could ever see within myself
Spent so much time in bed
Reaching for a turned back
That it became the norm
The coldest shoulders
Had made my skin go numb
Until I felt your warmth
I was burned at the touch
But from that pain comes thaw
A part of me is waking up

You found me just as I was shutting down
My love was buried in the frozen ground
Shake the dirt and the ice
I felt so cast aside
A discarded device
But it wasn't til I saw your eyes
Looking into mine
That I broke down
That I realized

How much I had hurt
Covered in the dirt
Hardened in the cold
My heart was put on hold

So this is what it means
To finally be seen
To be brought to my knees
But never have to plead

My lips utter the phrase
“It's just serendipity”
But this was no mistake
We’re right where we should be

I’m sorry, it’s just not what I’m used to
After all those years trying
To be of some use to
Someone who never needed me
Someone who never needed what I was
So I learned to live with it
Until your fingers found my skin
Burning me like medicine
Showing me what I’ve been missing
No apprehension
We just fell into it
Track Name: Well Being
Feel it creep under my skin
Fingers start to twitch
The lonely pang of restlessness
When there’s no one else around
Do I even make a sound?
Or am I just an echo
Fading from their consciousness?

Without the amniotic comfort
Of being wrapped in someone else
My mind is left to wander
Lowered further down the well

When meditation
Becomes suffocation
Where to go?
Throw myself into you

And I’m ashamed to admit it
But it’s how I’ve come to be
My past keeps biting at my feet
I’ve refrained to ever bare it
It’s not fair of me
To burden my own company
Oh Christ, it's so goddamn pathetic
How I only know myself
In the context of someone else
So tell everyone to exit
View me in a vacuum
Self-pity on a feedback loop

When meditation
Becomes suffocation
Where to go?

Throw myself further down the well
Where nobody can hear me yell
No soul to console
Just myself
Until the echo begins to swell
And rings pell mell
No, I can’t bear to look
Into what I fear most
A face emerging
Churning doubt
Who will pull me out?

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